Lyman’s season canceled

I’m sorry to say that we are cancelling the Summer season at Lyman’s Tavern due to limited player interest at that location. Since this is the second season in a row that this has happened, I expect we’ll take a break from leagues at that location for awhile.

But fear not, Lyman’s fans! It’s still a cool bar with a great pin lineup, including Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, and the ever-popular Pabst Can Crusher! So instead of a full FSPA league season, we’ll be trying some mini-tournament events there to see if those are a better fit. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about that.

Meanwhile, it’s not too late for would-be Lyman’s players to join one of the other FSPA league locations this season… VÜK in Bethesda, MD is the closest choice geographically, and that location also enjoys decent Metrorail access via the Bethesda station. Or choose any of our other leagues that catch your eye.