Spring 2017 End of Season Party

Huge thanks to Ed Most and his entire family for hosting the FSPA party in their gorgeous home!  Ed, your hospitality is terrific, and so is your game collection!  Looked to me like everyone had a great time.  On behalf of the whole league, we really appreciate it!

Congrats to Dave Hubbard for taking down the Two Minutes to Midnight prize with a time of 1:27.91.  Denice Thornton (1:41.44) and Jason Bell (1:48.25) were hot on Dave’s tail.  Also congrats to Ed “Home Field Advantage” Most for winning the Frozen Flipper challenge with a dominating score of 1,331.  Steve Stakem had been leading the pack most of the day with his score of 792, with Caroline Creekman next up with 734.  (And though I tease Ed about home field advantage, the truth is that he had no idea what the party contests were until they started, so it’s not like he was practicing!)  Party contest prizes this time were FSPA 20th anniversary T-shirts, courtesy of the VBH league.
And that’s officially a wrap on the Spring season!