Summer season upcoming and website/format changes

Summer season pre-registration is active for the upcoming seasons at Carpool, Silverball Sanctum (Lost Rhino), and Mustang Sally Brewery. Spinners is still on hiatus for Spring season while the new location is still pending their grand re-opening.

You can pre-register here:

Mustang Sally
Silverball Sanctum (Lost Rhino):

Carpool is testing out a new format, and to support the multiple versions of the traditional and modified ladder system, along with the new format, the website has been updated to provide format pages explaining the Traditional Ladder format that FSPA used for 20+ years, the modified Qualifying Ladder format, that was first used during Spring 2024, and the new Match Play format that Carpool will use for Summer 2024 season.

Another new page has been added to explain the different methods to treat player absences: pre-plays, drop two, and the hybrid format that combines both. The former Complete Rules page has been modified to become the Organization and Competition Rules that provide organizational information and rules of play that cover all leagues.

All of these updated and new pages can be found via the Players Guide & Rules menu.

For the remainder of the 2024 season, the league dues have been reduced to $30 per season. Players that played (and paid dues) in Spring 2024 will receive a $10 credit towards their next FSPA season. This means if you played in Spring, and are playing in a Summer league, your league dues are only $20. This only applies to one future league season, so if you play two summer leagues, one will cost $20 and the other $30.