Lost Rhino Summer 2021 League is coming!

Mike mike mike mike mike, what day is it, mike? The last year has felt like it’s been filled with all hump days. That’s all about to change – the pinball league at Lost Rhino is coming back to WEDNESDAYS at 7:30PM (new time).
The optional Week 0 (for practice and screaming for joy at the return of league pinball!) is on Wednesday June 2nd, with league play starting on June 9th. We will play an EIGHT week season with a break on July 7th for Independence Day week, followed by playoffs on August 11th. See the full schedule and subscribe to the calendar here.  Lost Rhino is located in Ashburn, VA and has a great selection of beers and food.
The Mandolorian Pro is coming – prepare to fall in love with baby yoda all over again :)Star Wars Pro is gone to make space for The Mandolorian.
New games:
Attack From Mars (Special Edition) – one of my personal favorites
Monster Bash (Special Edition)
King Of Diamonds (Limited Edition Remake)
Games from Previous seasons:
Addam’s Family
Black Rose
Captain Fantastic
NBA Fastbreak
Changes you’ll want to know about:
  • This season will be an 8 week season instead of the usual 10, owing to the late start.
  • There will be no preplays this season! We are going to adopt a “drop your lowest two weeks” model.
  • We will be following Lost Rhino rules for covid protocols including mask wearing. If they say masks are required, we’re wearing masks for league, so come prepared!
Dues for the season will be $30 for the whole season, mainly because the FSPA is not going to be holding an end of season party so it’s not taking its share. There will also be no $1 fee because the IFPA is not sanctioning events yet.
Players who have paid their dues from last season and would like a refund should reach out to Edan at edan@fspazone.orgThe players who want to credit their dues to this season will receive a $10 refund (they paid $40 and this season is only $30).
Questions? See the FSPA web site or email me directly at bryanh@fspazone.org!