Jungle Lord Giveaway Winner: Bryan Henson!

Congratulations to Bryan Henson for winning our 2019-2021 (!) giveaway machine, Williams Jungle Lord!

Except when scrambled by a pandemic, we give away a FREE pinball machine every year to a lucky winner. Doesn’t matter how well you play, all that matters is that you complete a full season in any FSPA league… that’s the one and only way to earn drawing tickets for the giveaway. Our giveaway machine for 2022 will be announced soon!


I’m sorry to announce that we are going to POSTPONE the end of Fall party that had been scheduled for next Saturday at Spinners. I’m calling this based on…

– a historically low level of “yes” responses at this point in the RSVP cycle
– the “no because COVID” responses outnumbered the “yes” responses

…both of which are, I imagine, due to the very high COVID positivity rates we’re still seeing throughout the area at this time.

We all want to get together and enjoy a party again! We will reschedule as soon as it seems sane. Stay tuned for updates.

The Jungle Lord giveaway will happen live when the party occurs.

Thanks to everyone for your patience in these frustrating times. Y’all stay safe and healthy out there!